Thank You to a Gifted Nurse

I have seen some beautiful stories lately about the impact that nurses have on their patients.  Some people have been lucky enough to find and thank the nurse responsible for their care.  I would love to have this opportunity some day for a nurse that has touched my life in an incredibly profound way.  I can’t remember her face exactly anymore, but I remember her kind eyes and her reassuring way.

March 13, 2007 I was brought by ambulance to a hospital in Florida.  I will never forget that night and the amazing staff who got me through it.  I was injured while out nearby and was in need of emergency surgery to save my life.  When I arrived at the hospital, the first person I met was the nurse who would be with me until I was brought into surgery.  She was calm and unbelievably good at her job.  What took me some time to realize was that she kept me turned so that I could not see how severely I was injured.

This incredible nurse chatted with me about what brought me down to Florida and she kept me talking.  She brought me a phone so that I could give my parents the 1:30 am call that no parent ever wants to get.  She helped to keep me calm then even as well. When I spoke with my parents, I wanted to make sure they knew how much I loved them which sent all the machines monitoring me beeping alarms. She did not seem shaken by this and put a hand on my shoulder.  She calmed me and helped me through one of the most horrific nights of my life and she made it seem easy. That simple gesture may have seemed small to her, but it was everything to me in that moment.  While I was scared for my life, for my family and in a great deal of pain, she was able to give me a moment of calm. 

I feel blessed and incredibly grateful to have had my path cross with hers that night.  I am grateful to her and the surgeon on call because if it were not for them, I would not be here to write this thank you.  


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