Seeking Balance

I am flawed and sometimes impulsive.  If you know me, you will know where you stand with me by the way I hold my eyes.  I can hold my own in difficult situations though it can be draining and I will sometimes need time to recharge and recover. I don’t run towards conflict.  When needed, I let myself cry.  Often when I do, I have learned to write.  I don’t always share what I write but most of the time my writing will take shape and eventually lend some clarity to me.

I can be overly critical of myself.  I second guess things I say and I worry about other people’s perception of me at times.  I hold back more than I should and sometimes I have let fear stop me from sharing my feelings. The words have become suddenly stuck a time or two.  I’m certain that this would surprise a few people who know me well. This was not always the case with me and has happened over time.  I am not speaking about one specific kind of relationship, but more to all in general.  I’m making an effort now to work on that part of myself and to put myself out there like I once did.

Life is beautiful and love is more powerful than fear.


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