I’m the skeleton in your closet
The past you try to hide
I am the racing of your heart
And the fear in your mind that you can’t let go

That’s the power that I have
Knowing the depth of your soul
The coldest darkest reach of your true self
I know the man that you are
The man that you keep hidden through clever words and false charm

The higher that you climb
The farther you are sure to fall
So be careful with your words
You need to hide it well
The blank and hollow center
Of a man once called a man

I’m left with the taste of bitter memories
The salt in your drink, after sweetness of mine
The radio playing and the wind in my hair
Driving in the little red car we couldn’t afford
The stale smell of your cigars and sound of your arrogance
Your laugh and your smile of complete condescension
Is all I have left of that lie you sold me

I’m the skeleton in your closet
While you built a stolen life
I’m the wreckage you forgot
While you shoot for the moon itself
All I have now are my words
So this is the truth that I can tell
Ours was not a simple story
It was my living form of hell

I still hear your voice so flat, so damaging
So I close my eyes and pray
I pray for peace and forgiveness that won’t come
And I pray a thank you that my life is no longer yours
I’m thankful that I flushed away your pills
Thankful that the real world is still faithfully here for me
And your Gaslight has finally burned out



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