About the author of this lil blog


My blog title is a tribute to Walt Whitman “That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.”  I chose Steel Verse because steel represents strength but is also a tribute to something that has been very personal in my life.  Thank you to those who called me Dagny when I needed it most.

I am writing simply to write and because I promised myself that I would.  This is not intended to follow a specific theme or topic, it is simply my personal writings that I have decided to share.  A while back I worked on a blog that focused on getting through a divorce to a genuinely awful person.  It certainly helped me at the time but has served its purpose and I wanted to start something new.

Some little facts about me for the inquiring mind:

  • I am in my 30’s and lucky enough to be married to a man with kind eyes, a big heart and a beautiful soul.
  • My family is incredible and supportive and loving.    I have been unbelievably blessed by this.
  • I do not consider myself to be a literary genius but I enjoy writing a great deal.
  • I value the lost art of taking pen to paper to write.
  • I have jumped out of a perfectly good airplane and flown in a perfectly tiny one as well!
  • My journey through life has been beautiful and hard at times,  but always full of love.
  • By next year I want to climb Mount Washington again.  I have the trail in mind which is the same one I climbed as a kid with my family.
  • I feel at home when I can hear the ocean.

That’s probably enough about me so thank you for reading!


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